Zagreb and the Zagreb County are the habitat of some of the highest quality black truffles, such as Tuber aestivum, Tuber melanosporum, Tuber brumale, Tuber unicatum, Tuber mesentericum.
If you love the outdoors and truffles, this is an activity that will give you an unforgettable and exciting experience of searching for this gastronomic gold. A licensed hunter for underground fungi will acquaint you with all the specialties and the manner of life of truffles, and specially trained dogs will take you on an exciting hunt for these mysterious underground fungi.




Lagotto Romagnolo

As its name suggests, Lagotto Romagnolo is a dog breed originating from the Romagna region in Italy. Apart from being excellent hunters for truffles, Lagotto Romagnolos are very gentle and affectionate dogs. Since they do not shed, they fall into the category of the so-called “hypoallergenic” breeds, and are hence very suitable for children and family life. In some countries they are used as police tracker dogs, therapeutic dogs, or as guide dogs for blind people.
According to the historical word of mouth, this Italian breed is the ancestor of the Labrador, Poodle and Portuguese water dog breeds.